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"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." Philosopher George Santayana (1863-1952)


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Why won’t Obama use the Term “Radical Islam”?



The 2016 ISIS agenda
is to strike terror into the hearts of Judeo-Christian kafir around the world
this year we want our Islamic death and destruction to be truly unfurled,

 The ISIS international campaign strategy for the coming year is:
and to kill a whole, whole lot more of you infidel
for the Muslim religion teaches,  “the unbelievers  are the firewood of Hell,” (Koran 72:15)

 Paris was just the start
terrorism is close to our heart
and from our quest for world domination, we will never part,

For our prophet Mohammed taught
“Fight them with a might strife to all religion be Allah’s” (Koran 8:40)
so how are you surprised by our deadly  attacks around the globe,
all you brilliant liberal  scholars?

While you in the West carry out your normal lives planning a happy future:
a better job, a new  home, college for your kids, a great vacation and maybe a lovely wedding,
we intend to just keep on beheading, (Koran surah 47:4)


We are so proud of murder
that we put the severed heads on public display
this is the ISIS social media way,

We love that Obama has publicly proclaimed
that, “ISIS is not Islamic”
and we are grateful for all Barack’s cooperation in 2015
in helping Iran go atomic,

Iran has been declared a state sponsor of terror
so we thank Obama for the great arms deal and the 150 billion dollars he gave back to Iran
for getting nukes is also part of our plan,

Yes to us mujahideen in ISIS
Obama is priceless
Yeah, Barack is our kind of man
We, Muslim terrorists, just love a mealy mouse
in charge of the U.S. military and sitting in the White House,

When Obama called ISIS the J.V. team
we in the Islamic state
just snickered and beamed,

Yes Barack Obama
makes us terrorists smile
for Barack is in such a major state of denial,

Obama helps us jihadists win
he is definitely our
Neville Chamberlain,

Complacency is always the ally of fascism
America we hope you stay unprepared
for we, ISIS terrorists, are on the march and on the United States war has been declared,

In 2016 we are hoping to get new weapons
and come across your porous southern border
to commit mass murder, terrorize you, create chaos and sow disorder,


Our ISIS leader, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, this year
will continue to order the crucifixion of Christians
while your leader Obama won’t even say the words “Muslim terrorism”

In 2015 we burned a Jordanian pilot alive
and America, Obama lectured you
with your leader Barack we can do whatever we want to do!

ISIS is sending the 'prettiest virgins' it captures to Raqqa, Syria, where they are sold to the highest bidder in twisted slave auctions. (Picture taken from ISIS social media channel.)

Rape, murder, pillage, plunder, enslave, commit mass genocide this New Year we in ISIS are looking to recruit more Muslims from America and Europe to come and join our side,

Abused: One of the 200 Yazidi girls taken hostage last June said she was sexually abused by no fewer than 10 men.


Of the girls we capture as sex slaves, no need to worry about them at all
for after we rape, them we keep them safe and sound
the girls are at our disposal for more sexual abuse they are securely imprisoned 10 feet underground,

We in ISIS are praying America that you elect as president , Hilary Clinton, for the Democrats in the “War on Terror” are really, really weak
and we certainly don’t want a strong Republican in the White House
to break the ISIS winning streak!

America expect a big year America from ISIS, we will be sending our mujahedeen
so that in 2016 there will be more San Bernadinos…  Allah willing
we will step up the jihad and increase all the infidel killing!

My hat tip to liberals on Muslim terrorism:

‘Twas the Night before Christmas in America, 2015

Palestine & OZ

Benghazi Four +3


Frankenstein and Friends on Obamacare


OBAMA'S "United Fascist States of America" Here
Muslim Holiday Wishes <- click to read
“Jingle Bells are for Infidels so let’s kill Santa Claus!”

Syrian rebels exercising the religion of peace.

MIDDLE EAST: This beautiful young Christian woman was raped by 20 Muslim men, and savagely tortured before she was put to death!!
What is the inspiration for Muslim terrorism and the brutality of this diabolical rape and murder? It's the religion stupid! The Koran. Islam unlike any other world religion promotes, preaches and teaches violence, murder and terrorism as a tenet of the Muslim faith. The followers of Mohammed are commanded to "Kill those who join other gods to God." Koran 9: 1-10. "Gods to God" means Christians and is Mohammed's warped interpretation of the Holy Trinity.
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For large Liberty donations to fight Muslim terrorism:
Make checks out to "God Save USA"
and send to PO Box 8304 Wilmington, De 19803

Click the link below to hear and see the 9/11 memorial music video "Lady Liberty" which is dedicated to the loving memory of our fellow Americans who lost their lives in the Muslim terror attack on September 11,2001.


Click here for "Terror In London" video which is dedicated to the memory of the 52 Londoners who were murdered on July 7th 2005 by Muslim Terrorists that were living in the United Kingdom.

 Muslim Holiday Wishes for America! - click here

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Terror In London video below

September 11, 2001 America is attacked by 19 Arab Muslim terrorists. 2,749 innocent human beings, who got up just to go work that morning are dead. The "Politically Correct Spin" is the Muslim terrorists have hijacked Islam. Have they really? Or are they following the Koran? Why do Muslims call Christians and Jews "Infidels?" Why do Muslim terrorists decapitate trembling hostages and scream "Allah Akhbar!" (God is great) as they hack off their victim's head? Could this barbarism actually be in the Koran? What does the Koran really say, and who was Mohammed?

Mohammed had 9 wives, 2 concubines. He was betrothed to an 8 year old girl named Aisha when he was 50. Mohammed, the Prophet of Islam was a polygamist, a pedophile, a caravan raider, and he had his followers execute people who ridiculed him. Is Islam compatible with Judeo-Christian culture and civilization? How can the West win the war on terror? Click "The Book" link to read "The Great Awakening of America" The quotes from the Koran used in this book were published by Ivy Books; translation by J.M. Rodwell. They correspond to the Arabic.

Indian Muslim chants religious verses as others hold placards denouncing Israel and the U.S. support for Israel during an anti-Israel demonstration


"While America slept
Sharia steadily crept
one day Americans were awaken
and found their liberties had all been taken
every sensible warnings they had ignored
in liberal complacency they just snored
now the U.S. Constitution is no more
in it's place is Sharia Law
and today in the USA women can be publicly beaten
if their husbands catch them cheatin'
Gays are prosecuted
and legally executed
the Statue of Liberty was destroyed
gone is the "American Freedom" we once enjoyed
churches and synagogues are now torched and burned
because Americans never learned
it was too late
before they discovered
the Islamic religion really teaches HATE
and the truth that:
Islam is NOT the "religion of peace!"
Copyrighted in USA 2010


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The "Stars and Stripes" and the "Star of David" are united and indivisible. Judeo-Christians  are one people.

The Judeo/Christian World

"We are Americans and we stand by Israel: Today. Tomorrow and Forever!"
Muslims call Israel, "al-Nakbah" (the Catastrophe)  but what does God say of Israel? God says:
"Israel is my resting place
in her will I dwell
for I prefer her!" Psalm 132:14
You cannot love God and not love His chosen Jewish people and Israel!

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